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        CMA 微透析國際培訓班(CMA Microdialysis Course- In Vivo Microdialysis in small rodents)

        日期:2022-06-08 18:07
        摘要:CMA microdialysis Fall Course in 2018 (title: In vivo Microdialysis in small rodents)

        The course will be held in Copenhagen (Denmark) in November 14-15th.


        The News & Events section of the CMA webpage provides an access to the following webpage https://www.harvardapparatus.com/cma-fall-microdialysis-course-2018 that provides all the information about the course as well as a registration form. Whether one of your customers could be interested in this course, please provide them with this link.


        Registration deadline is October 31st (can be extended if the capacity limit is not reached). Capacity limit is 8 persons.

        CMA Microdialysis Training Course – In vivo Microdialysis in small rodents

        Format: Face-to-face course
        Course Date: Next dates are November 14-15th, 2018
        Course Location: Centre for Translational Neuromedicine
        Nedergaard laboratory
        Div. Glial Disease and Therapeutics
        University of Copenhagen
        N?rre Alle 14, 24.3
        2200 Copenhagen N (Denmark)
        Course Fee: 600 € (dinner included; travel and hotel cost not included)
        Capacity: up to 8 persons
        Last Day of Registration: 31st of October (can be extended if the capacity limit is not reached)

        • The course is a two half days intensive, introductory course on Microdialysis in basic research, neuro application.
        • The course program includes both lectures on Microdialysis and related analytical techniques, as well as practical demonstrations.
        • The participants will learn how to implant the Microdialysis guide and probe using stereotaxic instrument under the leadership of highly qualified technicians.
        • The participants will gain a general overview on the Microdialysis technique, its advantages and limitations.
        • This is also an excellent opportunity for open discussions and an exchange of ideas while meeting with other scientists and experts in the field.
        • There will be a limit of eight people for the course. This will enable us to give you individual attention and modify the course to your specific needs.

        Day 1:
        12:00-13:00 Introduction Marketed Equipment
        13:00-14:00 Theory and principle 
        Microdialysis process
        Advantages and Pitfalls
        14:00-14:15 Coffee
        14:15-16:00 Case study
        19:00 Dinner
        Day 2:
        8:30-12:00 Hands on in animal facility 
        Rat stereotaxic surgery; full introduction with tips and tricks 
        In vitro study and HPLC introduction
        Time for questions 
        Coffee and good-bye

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